Thursday, September 22, 2011

After a Summer Hiatus, Farewell to the Chief

After what has been undoubtedly the best summer of my life, I am back to teaching, and now back to blogging as well. Two big bits of Church news worthy of note.

First, after battling Lymphoma, various surgeries, chemo & radiation, and a stroke, Archbishop Daniel Buechlein has been allowed to retire by Pope Benedict XVI. His nearly two decades of pastoral reign in the archdiocese have been years of fruitful service that have left the diocese in many ways vibrant and healthy. The con is now in the capable hands of blogging auxiliary bishop Christopher Coyne, apostolic administrator of the diocese.

Archbishop Buechlein intends to return to St. Meinrad Archabbey where he professed solemn vows half a century ago, where he will continue to serve Christ and His Church in whatever way he is able. This, I thought, was a poignant lesson for my students, that one never ceases being a member of the body of Christ, and though our personal vigor and vitality wane, the privilege of Christian discipleship is never vacated.

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