Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rome of the West Rolls out New Education Plan

Archbishop Robert Carlson of St. Louis laid out his plans to overhaul the Catholic education system in his diocese. Below is a snip regarding the Catechesis goal and a link to the archdiocesan website. I will add my own commentary after taking some time to thoroughly read the plan.

Goal 1: Catechesis/Academic Excellence

To renew our commitment to excellence in all forms of education and faith formation; to build up the finest, most effective schools, religious education and youth ministry programs; to reach out to young adults and adults to engage them fully in the life of the Church and provide them with significant opportunities to know their faith and to grow spiritually.

Objective 1: Develop and implement benchmarks for achieving excellence in academics and faith formation in all parish and archdiocesan schools. Adopt standards that require parishes and schools to be both fully and authentically Catholic in their religious instruction and spiritual formation and fully and authentically professional in their academic instruction — in accordance with “best practices” in education today.

Objective 2: Provide pastors and school administrators with guidelines and assistance with effective marketing and enrollment management in order to “fill the empty seats.”

Objective 3: Promote collaboration among all parish, archdiocesan and private Catholic schools. Work with Catholic universities located in the Archdiocese to design and implement a unified, holistic approach to Catholic identity and excellence in academic instruction and spiritual formation from preschool through elementary, secondary, undergraduate and post-graduate Catholic education.

Objective 4: Engage in proactive pastoral planning on a deanery basis to strengthen parishes and schools and to promote collaboration and consolidation as appropriate.

Objective 5: Strengthen adult faith formation, lay ministry formation, youth and young adult ministries.

Chairperson — Msgr. John Unger

Curia resource agencies: Catholic Education Office (lead agent), Catholic Youth Apostolate

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